DataEase [{8}]five is the latest version of the application and database design software.

This version of DataEase offers significant improvements and functionality over previous Windows versions.  The advent of DataEase [{8}]five returns DataEase to the position the old DOS versions held – Reliable, easy to use and relevant.   It gives a single foundation upon which to build systems rather than having to use several products together for the same effect.

The automatic upgrading of data from earlier versions, combined with new functions to bring across older DQL and output layouts, are just the things to link the older versions to the current version, removing major hurdles in the upgrade process which has kept so many users holding on to old and out of date systems. 

At PB Associates we have extensive knowledge of DataEase from it’s earliest MS-DOS versions.

We can design a DataEase system for you around your specifications or support you to design one yourself.

A lot of our work with DataEase revolves around moving old DataEase for DOS systems to more up to date products such as DataEase [{8}]five. Whether you want to have an almost identical system in DataEase [{8}]five or want a complete re-design utilising more of the new features in DataEase [{8}]five we can do this for you. In most cases we can bring your data from the old versions of DataEase through to the new.

We offer support for all versions of DataEase, this can be done on a case by case basis or on a more long term arrangement for large systems that need more maintenance.

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